Shalahita + Barry // Wedding Day

BLAS WD_190218_0066BLAS WD_190218_0074BLAS WD_190218_0059BLAS WD_190218_0031BLAS WD_190218_0016BLAS WD_190218_0018BLAS WD_190218_0042BLAS WD_190218_0037BLAS WD_190218_0020BLAS WD_190218_0030BLAS WD_190218_0010BLAS WD_190218_0007BLAS WD_190218_0009BLAS WD_190218_0008BLAS WD_190218_0006BLAS WD_190218_0005BLAS WD_190218_0003BLAS WD_190218_0075BLAS WD_190218_0077BLAS WD_190218_0080BLAS WD_190218_0083BLAS WD_190218_0089BLAS WD_190218_0109BLAS WD_190218_0113BLAS WD_190218_0105BLAS WD_190218_0095BLAS WD_190218_0097BLAS WD_190218_0112BLAS WD_190218_0119BLAS WD_190218_0118BLAS WD_190218_0136BLAS WD_190218_0130BLAS WD_190218_0146BLAS WD_190218_0150BLAS WD_190218_0147BLAS WD_190218_0152BLAS WD_190218_0128BLAS WD_190218_0154BLAS WD_190218_0157BLAS WD_190218_0160BLAS WD_190218_0164BLAS WD_190218_0165BLAS WD_190218_0167BLAS WD_190218_0172BLAS WD_190218_0175BLAS WD_190218_0176BLAS WD_190218_0179BLAS WD_190218_0182BLAS WD_190218_0189BLAS WD_190218_0188BLAS WD_190218_0193BLAS WD_190218_0195BLAS WD_190218_0205BLAS WD_190218_0198BLAS WD_190218_0204BLAS WD_190218_0206BLAS WD_190218_0208

@shalahita + @barrylikumahuwa
// #weddingday
Venue: @malukuresort
Holy matrimony dress: @Etreatelier
Reception dress :
Make up: @arieshamakeup
Hair do: @mayangpradma.mua
MDA / Moluccas Development Agency
Flower hand bouquet: @flowersbeyond

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